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San Marino2000 with its more than 40 structures and associated bid up to 1,200 hotel beds, offers multiple services for anyone who wants to stay in San Marino for business, conferences, events and international events, or for the simple pleasure suggestive of a holiday. San Marino2000 work in all the castles of the Republic, offering hotel accommodations with extraordinary views, but not far from main roads.

San Marino

A little 'history
The cult of Saint Marino, which dates back to the credit of having founded the Republic, is widespread and deep-rooted. The legend tells us the shape of this stone mason who came from his native island of Rab in Dalmatia, he went up on Mount Titano and founded a small community of Christians persecuted for their faith at the time of Emperor Diocletian. San Marino has a tradition of exceptional hospitality at all times. In this land of freedom country has never denied the right to asylum and aid to persecuted by misfortune or tyranny, whatever their condition and their ideas. During the Second World War San Marino hosted over 100,000 refugees. Today the Republic of San Marino an independent, democratic and neutral, is the oldest in the world and continues to remain faithful to ancient traditions, while sensitive to the demands of progress. The territory of the Republic of San Marino covers an area of 61 sq. km., San Marino, where 30,000 residents and encompasses a landscape of extraordinary beauty.

San Marino Heritage
The historical centers of San Marino, Borgo Maggiore, together with the Monte Titano, were included on the List of World Heritage, July 7, 2008, in Quebec, Canada, by unanimous decision of the Committee of UNESCO. This award takes on a significant importance for the Republic of San Marino, the oldest in the world, which has kept intact its values of authenticity and identity. The universal value due to the city-state, which stands on top of Mount unmistakable in its medieval setting, is to form the testimony of a civilization which is living, which has developed a free path through the democratic institutions. A symbiosis between intangible heritage, represented by ancient traditions, such as the leadership of the small state delegated to the Captains Regent, and the tangible assets, consisting of old buildings where traditional ceremonies are held unchanged. The natural heritage of the Mount is particularly important in a landscape of rare beauty. Good writing covers an area of 55 hectares. Includes the historical center of the City of San Marino, the three towers (Guaita, Cesta and Montale) Mount Titano in its entirety, the old town of Borgo Maggiore and the rock (beautiful natural area at the base of the Mount). Of course, you report the most important elements of the urban city-states, such as the Basilica del Santo, the convent of San Francesco and Santa Chiara, the Palazzo Pubblico, the Teatro Titano, the fortified walls with the old guard posts and buildings Historic districts more features.


polity administrative
The Republic of San Marino is a sovereign state at the summit are two Captains Regent. Collectively they exert the functions of heads of state. Are appointed by the Great and General Council and shall hold office for six months. The impressive ceremony of investiture of the Captains Regent takes place on 1 April and 1 October each year. They represent the state and the supreme guarantor the constitutional order. The legislative body is called the Great and General Council, consists of 60 directors and shall exercise the functions of all the parliamentary assemblies. Is approved for election by universal suffrage every five years. The executive body (government) is the State Congress, whose members are the Secretaries of State (corresponding to the Ministers).

Police and military police
The Republic of San Marino, while a neutral state whose vocation for peace is universally recognized, has Military Corps uniforms that are only representative of the independence of the state (there is no compulsory military service) and more specifically: The Society of Uniformed Militia participates in official ceremonies and works to maintain order in particular circumstances, even the members of the Military Band are part of the Company; La Guardia Council is the escort of honor of the Captains Regent and the Grand Council general, the Guardia di Rocca has supplied the artillery, he served at the Town Hall and barracks border gendarmerie and the police force whose task is to monitor and protect order in the country, the Civil Police Force II has the task of monitoring, protection and prevention in trade, tourism, ration and traffic; The National Central Bureau - Interpol has the task of promoting cooperation between the Police of San Marino and those of other member countries.

The currency is the Euro. Since 2002 San Marino has the right to mint euro coins with effigies of San Marino, at the Italian Mint. The values in base metal starting from a penny up to two Euros. San Marino also coins collector coins silver 5 to 10 euro and gold 20 and 50 ?, as well as shields. Remarkable is the resumption of the minting of gold coins from 1974, with only legal tender within the territory.

flag and coat of arms
The flag of San Marino is blue and white horizontally with the coat of arms of the Republic. The emblem consists of a shield which depicts three mountains topped by three towers feathered. On both sides there is a branch of laurel and oak tied down by a ribbon with the motto "Libertas" a crown and the top symbol of sovereignty.

Border formalities
No customs or border formalities. San Marino may go to all those who have complied with the entry visa in Italy.

International Affairs of the Republic of San Marino
Currently, the Republic of San Marino maintains diplomatic and consular relations with over one hundred countries and outside Europe.

The climate is temperate with attenuation in the peak winter and summer.