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San Marino2000 with its more than 40 structures and associated bid up to 1,200 hotel beds, offers multiple services for anyone who wants to stay in San Marino for business, conferences, events and international events, or for the simple pleasure suggestive of a holiday. San Marino2000 work in all the castles of the Republic, offering hotel accommodations with extraordinary views, but not far from main roads.

About Us

ll consortium of the Republic of San Marino, which boasts 34 members (hotels, restaurants, catering, transport) and years of experience in booking and marketing of tourist packages and special events and initiatives related to San Marino.

San Marino Conference is the trademark of San Marino was born in 2000 to monitor the management of events at the Kursaal convention center and other meeting facilities of San Marino is an organization, in cooperation with the Secretariat of State for Tourism, the State Office for Tourism and the Convention & Visitors Bureau and all the institutions of San Marino, trade associations and entrepreneurs in San Marino, provides a knowledge of the territory of San Marino, offering a creative know how logistic and who intends to organize an event in the Republic of San Marino.

It is proposed as operational support to the Secretariats main Italian and foreign organizations offering their years of experience and knowledge of the destination, its structures and services such as hotel, location for conferences, meetings, social dinners, team building activities, recreational activities, excursions and tourist programs, transportation, accommodation services, etc.. A local support to all companies that choose the Republic of San Marino as a framework for their events.

It offers its expertise to optimize the needs and expectations of the customer, providing the added value that only a well-established and with a deep knowledge of the area and its features can provide. Knowing the potential and all the facets that our country offers in terms of accommodation, leisure activities, conference facilities, sports facilities makes us the privileged interlocutors and the access key for anyone looking to make your event in our Republic.

Service quality, speed and streamlined procedures: all in a single person who accompanies the client in the implementation of your event, into a growth in terms of professionalism, technology, courtesy and dedication, but most of all great love for our country and our region.

Performance standards for 2000 San Marino - San Marino Conference include but are not limited to:

Caring for analyzing customer requirements and expectations of the same.
Developing ideas and solutions tailored for the event in collaboration with the client.
Locations and suggest solutions to the event by its nature requires.
Perform inspections of facilities with the client, verify the availability of the identified structures.
Acting as a liaison between the customer and the institutions of San Marino.
Formulate proposals and custom quotes in the shortest possible time (normally 2 days).
Contracting clear and detailed event.
Willingness to revise and adapt the immediate vicinity of the event also offered on the basis of unforeseen needs.
Continued oversight of all facilities and suppliers used during the event.
Provide telephone presence and availability for the duration of the program.
Provide accurate and complete statements at the end of the event below.

Strategic Plan

Being recognized as the first choice for the organization of successful meetings, events and services.
Being a partner able to provide a comprehensive service on the territory of San Marino as the only party offering clients creative solutions and highly professional ensures that promote customer satisfaction.
Stability - Our facilities and our member providers have decades of experience in the fields of competence.
Ethics - We require our partners and suppliers to the highest ethical and professional standards following the provisions of our rules of procedure.
Customer Satisfaction - We use feedback from our customers to continue to improve our services.
Creativity - We use all our resources to provide innovative and successful solutions to our customers.